E-Idaman Sdn. Bhd. is committed to consistently upholds the highest standards of integrity and prohibits all forms of bribery and corruption. In our effort to demonstrate this commitment, E-Idaman Sdn. Bhd. has policies that all employees are required to adopt.



Anti – Bribery & Corruption

This Anti-Bribery and Corruption Policy (“Policy”) is in line with the applicable laws and regulations in Malaysia. The Policy intends to fulfill the requirements set forth in the Guidelines on Adequate Procedures issued on 10 December 2018 by the Prime Minister’s Office pursuant to Section 17A (5) of the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission Act 2009 (“MACCA”). All E-Idaman Sdn. Bhd. personnel, business associates and parties engaging with E-Idaman Sdn. Bhd. are expected to READ, UNDERSTAND and COMPLY with the requirements set in this Policy. No waivers or exceptions will be granted for practices that deviate from the Policy.



Whistleblowing Policy

E-Idaman Sdn. Bhd. (“E-Idaman”) is committed to the highest possible standards of ethical, moral, and legal conduct. Consistent with this commitment, the policy aims to support good management practices and sound corporate governance practices. This policy aims to provide a structured mechanism for employees and others to rise or report concerns about ongoing or suspected wrongful activities or wrongdoings to provide reassurance that they will be protected from reprisals or victimization for whistleblowing in good faith. For the purpose of this policy, the wrongful activities or wrongdoings refers to any potential violations or concerns relating to any laws, rules, regulations, acts, ethics, integrity and business conduct, including any violations or concerns relating to malpractice, illegal, immoral, embezzlement and fraudulent activities which will affect the business and image of E-Idaman Sdn. Bhd. including its subsidiary.

Please report any suspected instances of corruption or attempted corruption in matter dealings related to E-Idaman Sdn. Bhd. and its employees so that E-Idaman Sdn. Bhd. may take steps to address this urgently.




The Vendor Code of Conduct

The Vendor Code of Conduct (“VCC”) establishes a set of obligations on business and ethical practices, and professional conduct expected of all Vendors engaging or working with the E-Idaman Group of Companies (”E-Idaman”). The VCC shall apply to all contractors, consultants or any person including their employees, agents, suppliers and sub-contractors (representatives). E-Idaman expects the Vendor to comply with the VCC.