In addition to our core operations which are solid waste management and public cleansing services, our subsidiary; Green Resource Recovery Sdn. Bhd. also provides services which are not covered under the government's concession in delivering a sustainable and holistic approach of integrated waste management in Malaysia.

Private Waste Collection and Cleaning Services

E-Idaman with its subsidiary Green Resource Recovery Sdn. Bhd. are stepping up the game by providing private waste collections to non-concession areas such as industrial parks, commercial and institution areas which are not bound to the government concession. The private cleaning services include grass cutting and drain cleaning at private residential areas and premise cleaning services. This is specifically done to cater the needs of growing demand from the public due to their strong support and trust on our service quality based on the current operation of government concession services.




Diverted From Landfill in 2017
Material Recovery Facility (MRF)

E-Idaman aspires to minimize wastes to the landfill. Recyclables are collected from the public and commercial sectors in the form of cardboard, paper, HDPE, PET, PP, steel, aluminium and tin.

These recyclables are manually sorted and baled at our Materials Recovery Facility (MRF) to meet the market specifications.

E-Idaman has launched a recycling reward program called Recycle for Life (RFL) which provides cash rewards through the use of smart card that aims to inspire Malaysians to recycle their waste for a sustainable future.


organic waste from landfill by 2020

Anaerobic Digestion

E-Idaman is introducing Anaerobic Digester (AD) as a method to divert food waste collection from the landfill. A pilot project was conducted in Kulim, Kedah in 3 residential areas utilizing the Cowtec CTM 500. The application of this anaerobic digester is a clean, easy, and cost-effective organic waste diversion method that converts the organic waste into compost and biogas which eventually become renewable energy resources.

  • Collection of food waste from the residential area
  • Segregation of food waste from impurities
  • Shredding of food waste into a simpler form
  • Feeding the AD inlet with shredded food waste
  • Biogas and biofertilizer production



produced in 2017

One man’s trash is another man’s treasure. All the bulky and garden waste collected by E-Idaman are shredded and composted using aerated static pile composting method. After 60 days, matured compost is produced, and it is ready for packaging and commercialization.



of daily incoming waste goes to Rimba Mas, Jabi and Belanga Pechah landfills
Landfill Management

E-Idaman operates 2 landfills, 1 in Kedah and 1 in Perlis. Effective April 2017, the Padang Siding landfill in Perlis was closed and all waste disposal was diverted to the new Rimba Mas landfill for Perlis.

Rimba Mas landfill with the capacity of 30 hectares (74 acres) and lifespan of 10 to 15 years is a sanitary landfill, receiving an average of 120 tonnes per day, with complete facilities such as:

  • Weighbridge
  • Leachate Treatment Plant
  • Domestic, Garden and Bulky waste disposal cells
  • Administrative building

In Kedah, E-Idaman operates 1 landfill which is in Jabi, Alor Setar.

Jabi landfill is located 17km from Alor Setar with the capacity of 26 hectares (65 acres), receiving an average of 500 tonnes of wastes daily from Alor Setar, Padang Terap, Kubang Pasu and Pendang.